Providing Value to Customers in Software Development Through

Lean Principles

Value creation is of growing significance for marketers and is

especially important in business requests, because it leads to client fidelity, better

. fiscal performance and a sustainable advantage for companies and hereafter it is

important for businesses to know how they can produce value. Although the creation of

Client value is generally brought into relationship with products and service,

. literature has overlooked how value creation in artificial surrounds can be assessed

from three different yet interrelated points of views product, service and relationship.

Still, the manner how value for business guests can be created differs per

. Assiduity. A request with a growing significance is the IT sector and especially the

software part grows mainly. This composition assesses value creation by software

companies through the mentioned three aspects and provides a companion for software

companies which want to induce the loftiest value for their business guests.